Obsidian throwings are marginally slower than knives

Obsidian throwings are marginally slower than knives

Get 2 high level friends on RS gold board with this thing. Make sure they get the victim to flip on the chief initially to get skulled. RUN to the wildy, so they don't have energy to run out. Ensure that your victim is naive, or"nooby" in the way that they behave. Regrettably the folks dealing with me were stupid because I saw straight through the scam. I don't think luring is reasonable or ethical, but hey it requires skill and people skills to persuade a individual to provide you their cash.

Utilize black knives obsidian throwing rings. Obsidian throwings are marginally slower than knives but they have the same stats as magical short bow w/ rune arrows. Wow, Looks like the winner! Iron knives may work good, they are more affordable than bronze knives but with better stats. I used black knives (p), which can be more economical then irons with even greater stats. I bought the black knives, and they just cost 16 coins per piece. That's half the high price on the GE. You won't get this kind of xp/hr at your level, so try using black knives Flesh Crawlers because your P2P. Try out a German world? There could be more for you at your level, if I overlooked anything someone else may encounter and place it.

I failed for 5 times while playing 8 hours a day. (Ask Tcmp what occurred. Tcmp do not tell anyone:-LRB- ) I must understand Tcmp very well and we became good friends. This was actually the best part for me. We also got to know alot of individuals that we made profit with. (Tcmp, you know what I am referring to.) Now after all this, I found something I really like. Slayer!!!

So, because I'm doing slayer now, I'll be making some type of profit from it. I simply needed to understand 1 thing. After buying slayer gear, I have 4 mil left. Even if bonus xp weekend was not here, would there be something I could buy or merch in P2P? BTW I have to kill Lesser Demons right today, so is there some thing great they fall which I could pick up.

Something cool: This is buy RuneScape gold off subject but me and Tcmp were in red port clan wars just walking around. I then drifted off and Hunam Safe arrived and kill me! I'm prob. in his vid now. I had my gilded helm with me but I protected. After I banked my helm, I went in, and saw that Hunam was assaulting Tcmp but Tcmp wasn't attacking!

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