You should be able to fight unique creatures on a different

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The Champions RS gold Guild. Last is the Champions Guild! To enter this Guild, you will need 32 Quest Points. After working hard for those Quest Points, you walk into the Champions Guild simply to find something very similar to a dump site. Alright, what's here? You got some guy selling some Rune Armor, yet another man selling Adamant and Dark Armor and thats it. Also their is a stadium underground. To use the arena, you need a Challenge , that hardly anyone EVER gets! We get excited to go into and their is essentially nothing here. Is that even known as a Guild, or merely a fundamental good-for-nothing building or home. It's deserted!

The way to IMPROVE: If this is a Champions Guild, why is their virtually nothing here? When you think of a Champion what would you think of? A strong and skilled individual. When you consider a Champions Guild, would you think about some chickens and salesman? No you do not, you consider combat.

You should be able to fight unique creatures on a different floor for some Combat Experience. People whom I understand, and I am sure others, go here maybe once simply to see it and buy a armor. Then they will never come back again. That's not what a Guild is assumed to be about.

Another Suggestion by The Patanator. By talking to this Champion Guild Leader, he'll inform you that there was another champions guild from the desert South of the Duel Arena. However, this older guild was OSRS Quest Service just not seen as much because of the warmth of the desert. However, there are still some CHALLENGE SCROLLS that the Guild Master had not handed out that were left in the attic.

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