The Madden 21 Fan Appreciation Program includes a 99 OVR Golden Ticket Player Reward and other incentives

The Madden 21 Fan Appreciation program will return for Madden Ultimate Team, providing players with the opportunity to earn a variety of prizes

The Madden 21 Fan Appreciation program will return for Madden Ultimate Team, providing players with the opportunity to earn a variety of prizes. These will be earned by completing challenges and accruing stars in order to reach various milestones or tiers in the game. Rewards will include Madden Coins to help you boost your bank account, as well as a Golden Ticket NAT card with a 99 overall score. That's a pretty sweet reward for only a little bit of effort. Here's a little more of a sneak peek at what's to come.

Introducing the Madden 21 Fan Appreciation Preview Screens.
Fans of EA's Madden NFL 22 are being rewarded for keeping the game alive even during the offseason. While many gamers look forward to the release of Madden 22, which will take place later this year, others are still enjoying some games on the current Madden game. As a result, a new program dubbed Madden 21 Fan Appreciation will launch on Wednesday, May 19, starting at 9 a. m. ET.

Weekly Challenges are now available, with a total of 15 challenges worth a total of 5,800 Madden Coins and 69 stars. These can include a variety of tasks such as scoring a specific type of touchdown, winning a game, and other objectives. As a result, it will not be possible to land that 99 OVR Golden Ticket player until the Week 2 Challenges are completed.

Who are the 99 OVR Golden Ticket players, and what are their names?
The names of the various 99 Golden Ticket players have been revealed over the course of the last month. These are essentially cards that have been specifically designed by gamers who have played Madden 21 and earned Golden Tickets by participating in specific game modes.

The winners were contacted and asked which 99 OVR cards they wanted to use in the game, and they responded positively. The list includes stars such as quarterback Tim Tebow, Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf (who will play strong safety), and Buccaneers tight end Mike Evans (who will play cornerback).

There are currently 14 players in the game who have Golden Tickets, each of whom has 99 OVRs and high-rated attributes. The following is a comprehensive list of the players, teams, and positions who are eligible to receive Golden Ticket items.

Benny Snell Jr., HB (Steelers) is a former quarterback.
Tim Tebow, quarterback (Broncos) James Morgan, quarterback (Jets) A. J. Brown, wide receiver (Titans) Robert Griffith, quarterback (Ravens) Montez Sweat, defensive end (Washington) D. K. Metcalf, safety (Seahawks)

Mike Evans, CB (Buccaneers) Robert Woods, TE (Rams) Jadeveon Clowney, LOLB (Titans) Grant Delpit, FS (Browns) Jalen Reagor, WR (Eagles) Derrick Roberson, ROLB (Titans) Derek Carr, QB (Raiders)

The prices of the cards listed above vary depending on the platform, with DK Metcalf topping the list at nearly 600,000 Madden NFL 22 Coins on some platforms. Montez Sweat is the next character on the list, and he has around 481K Coins, so earning one of these 99 OVR cards for free may be a worthwhile endeavor.

These aren't the only 99 OVR cards available in the game at the moment. Randy Moss and other recent Ultimate Legends have received that rating as well. Also available is the Trevor Lawrence 99 OVR card, which is reserved for rookie Draft Picks. Those, on the other hand, could cost a lot of money rather than just a little time spent completing missions.

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