How to Clean Your Motocross Graphics?

To make the motocross graphics on your bike look stunning for years, you must clean them after every race. Don’t use scrapers for the job.

If you are an avid motocross racer and hit the track almost every day, you must take good care of your dream machine. One thing we often tend to forget when cleaning our bikes is that the bike graphics also undergo similar toil on the racing track. If you don't clean them regularly, your custom MX graphics will soon start fading. To prevent such events and to ensure that the dirt bike plastics keep looking spectacular for years, you must adopt the right cleaning procedures. Read on to find out more.

Tips for Basic Cleaning

Routine cleaning is mandatory for race bikes to ensure that the expensive two-wheeler remains in good shape for years. The job would need you to use a pressure cleaner. If you don't have one, buy it right away. Without a pressure cleaner, the job can be awfully hectic.

Ideally, you should take out the seat before cleaning the vehicle. That's because the foam inside your bike's seat may break down during the powerful water therapy.

Don't allow soap to reach any sensitive part of the vehicle. Those parts should be cleaned using plain water. Take the bike back to the garage or use it only when it is completely dry.

How to Clean the Bike Graphics?

If you see that your bike's graphics have a sturdy spot that's not coming off them even after the basic cleaning is done, you will need a high-quality contact cleaner for getting rid of the stains. One of the most dangerous stains is the black stain caused by the user's boots. Those marks are mostly found on the side plates of two-wheelers.

Take a micro-fiber rag or paper towel and wipe the stain off. Once the stain is gone, wash the bike plastics using a detergent.

Never commit the mistake of using tools such as mud scrapers for removing dirt and mud from the motocross graphics on your bike. A rubber mallet would be enough for knocking the mud / dirt off.

Another product that is used frequently for cleaning bike plastics is a magic eraser. However, we would not recommend the use of this product. That's because magic erasers have been found to spoil the graphics' natural shine.

After installation of the graphics, if you find that the plastics have some leftovers of glue on them, use a citrus cleaner for removing them right away.


To ensure that the motocross graphics on your bike keep looking the same for years, you must use the right cleaning products. Don't try to save money by using ineffective cleaners as that will cost you more by damaging the look of the graphics.