A brand new Diamond Moments card for NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode

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Miles Bridges' 2K status only took up a major step. On Friday night in Chicago, the Charlotte Hornets' Bridges took home the MVP of the Stars NBA 2K20 MT game. Bridges led a furious comeback which saw the USA team rally from a 10-point halftime deficit to win going away. Bridges had 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists to earn the MVP honors. In addition, he threw down this self-alley-oop that was nasty.

As a result of the standout performance, Bridges was given a brand new Diamond Moments card for NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode.The new addition is immediately among the best Diamonds available for Triple Threat Online. Along with 24 Hall-of-Fame, and 19 Gold badges (including Clamps), the Diamond Bridges can also be equipped with a 91 three-point rating, and a 98 driving dip. On the downside, he is a 6'6" power forward, making it hard to play him Unlimited. He should be a strong addition to TTO.

The Diamond Bridges is offered in Flash Packs, which started on Friday, but may only be available for a week. Aside from this, you might try to snag him. On Friday night, the card went for as low as 42,500 MyTeam Points. This year if you're only getting into MyTeam, it is not a bad pickup. In the event that you already have a great lineup, it probably will not be worthwhile for you.

Three NBA 2K20 locker codes were released on Thursday night, but fans should be cautious before inputting among the offers. Here is a look at the codes leaked by popular NBA 2K MyTeam YouTuber Shake and Bake, but continue reading to learn a few of the issues with the"Thank You, Kobe" code. The one in question offers you one of three distinct sorts of"Thank You, Kobe" packs. These are clearly meant as a tribute to the basketball fantastic who passed away a month.

But when I input the code. I received a blank Ruby card and four consumable items. The card appears to have disappeared and hasn't been added to my group. Others on Twitter are reporting the exact same thing, so you might want to await a formal statement before entering that one.This may have occurred because the card isn't ready for release. I'm trusting the card becomes available in the next couple of days.

The two codes, which are related to Utah Jazz high-flyer Donovan Mitchell and Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons worked with no issue. A new Diamond Simmons is currently in my group, along with the Mitchell ball drop gives you access to one of both Diamond versions of the player available from the mode nba2king.Thankfully, I got the one from the Moments of the Week 5 packs. It was the final one I needed also to obtain the Pink Diamond Zach LaVine card and to complete the set.

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