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The actress's flowy, bright-hued blouse and sleek trousers have a deeper meaning to Gonzalez, too. I live for a pair that sits so low, I know that the wearer had to get several rounds of laser hair removal. Below is a breakdown of work-appropriate footwear that serve up style and function.

My little ballerina, Golden Goose Sneakers my mom would call me. LaSette is an exciting new lingerie line designed by New York-based Shiara Robinson. This past week, my wishes were granted when Y Project showed its fall 2021 collection. She will also be launching the Saysh Collective, a digital subscription 10 a month that offers consumers workout videos, networking opportunities, and more.

I'm not a designer chick, she said. Viewers could relate to the way the show acknowledged that life can be messy. You can go all-in rocker and pair it with jeans, a leather jacket and a simple white tee think Patti Smith-if she cared about fashion, or riff off the center zipper detail and go for a 90s vibe.

The aesthetic was the result of a scrappiness employed by the footwear industry during the war and raw material rations. For her own distinct print, Elise redyes the fabric by hand. Its closed-toe upper is ideal for the UK's intermittent showers and the back support ensures peak comfort.

It isn't just cut and dry fast fashion, she says. In attendance were actor Olivia Perez, entrepreneur Steph Shepherd, digital creator Chriselle Lim, Tom Ford senior designer Alessandro Francalanci, Brother Vellies founder and designer Aurora James, stylist Rob Zangardi, model John Pearson, as well as stylist Erin Walsh.


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