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The topic has been on my brain issue often lately but wasn't certain of the best place to share this. I began with Park during NBA 2K17, so I've been through both the good and bad times throughout the years. The past has witnessed content creators continually pushing to get old servers back online. Adin Ross tweeted recently at RonnieNBA 2K and stated that it would take on whatever challenge Ronnie offered him in the event that NBA 2K turned to servers like the NBA 2K16 or NBA 2K17 servers. In the past, HankDaTank even reached out to a third company dev team to create NBA 2K17 (mycareer and park only) with online servers. It seems like this is more of a "when or if it will ever occur" instead of the "how do I make this happen" since I am confident that NBA 2K(NBA 2K22 MT) has the ability to bring back servers from any game.

As we near the conclusion of the NBA 2K20's lifespan and this is the subject of much discussion, as it always is every year at this time. It's possible that one day, that the game will be long gone and not revivable with new titles Take-Two Interactive (NBA 2Ks dev team) could just decide to f*** it and switch on every park server. That is NBA 2K14 as well. I know this is an issue with money and a simple solution to this would be forcing everyone to start their journey over again and purchase VC to play a brand new player in the previous games. It seems like this would be a sacrifice that many players would agree to accept.

Are there any chances that the old NBA 2K servers ever be restored If so, what is the likely scenario that could lead to this? It's not even discussing NBA 2K having a reputation of being "money-hungry" (they're in no way but they are business-savvy) This is discussing the costs of maintaining servers, server operation and support, patching, and staffing. If you calculate what amount of VC sales in terms of dollars will it cost just to make it break even, which is there is no profit and zero loss?

Most players have switched to the most recent NBA 2K. This is the source of revenue generated for NBA 2K. Do you think that players who played the previous versions actually spent more on VC for older games to justify retaining the older servers? These players aren't able to pay 60 dollars for the most current game. What is the reason they would spend money on older games?

Are you saying that you don't believe people will pay for a remastered version of NBA 2K's? Or do you think that they wouldn't like to play older games? If that's the case, you're wrong. Also, NBA 2K has both the funds and resources. They've got everything you've mentioned (maintenance and server support staffing). Do you know the amount they earn annually and the amount they invest to create new games? NBA2king invests almost nothing compared to the amount they make from every game. I'm confident that there would be no money issue in the event that NBA 2K was not greedy.

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