Or simply to seriously work on your heart battle stats

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An easy update in Woodcutting would enable Jagex to watch OSRS gold closely who's performing a macroing endeavor or if they're actually there and just simply going in their every-day small business. The idea is simple, institute a program that will log every single player who hit an oak tree and upward. It wouldn't simply just log you, no it'd be a lot more advanced than that. This application would log your woodcutting level, your combat level, what kind of axe you are using and how long you've been there.

These features would help to place a separation between who's macroing and who's a true participant. So if you are, lets say, level 3 and you've got a woodcutting of 70. The computer will begin to track you. Then because its tracking you it then logs what kind of axe which you're using and how long that you have been near the stated tree, if it be oak, willow or yew. (Just F2P) The program will check to see if you are a member or non-member and if you visit some other kinds of trees. I know that Rs2107 gold this last part probably wont happen, but its there to give you a good idea of what might be occurring.

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