Events were good because you might get decent

Events were good because you might get decent

P.S. if someone wishes to feel nostalgic then hunt youtube and observe fifa 14/15 gameplayBack afterward 100 overall players were worth between 15 to 45 million coins, maximum overall gets benefit compared to FIFA Mobile Coins reduced overall, chemistry for add ons, player upgrade to get a thousand coins, and you also pay to buy legendary players, abilities and gems.A really excellent thing about that game was that the marketplace was a marketplace between gamers. You could list them, and another player could buy your players.

Events were good because you might get decent players from it, and if P2P bought the expensive packs, then it was easy to purchase even players wait a month and offer them much higher to construct your own team.

THIS game here was sooo good. I would play for hours with my favorites in manager mode, also it was the best fun I had ever had. In case fifa could bring back this along with champions Celtics, cup championships in supervisor mode I'd pay $10 for this game. I stopped playing FIFA when they added all those monies micro transactions.

It was also nice that you can just play and then not play for 3 times and nothing else whould happend, if you do this you cant have some players or rewards anymore and the remainder have a group of 120

Just how in 6 years have they were able to go backward I remember playing this game when I wad a kid and they have ruined.

If I recall, we could substitute in match, because there was endurance and men would get worn down if you simply sprinted the entire moment. Furthermore, if a player got a red card he'd miss the next game. Commentary was fantastic too. I believe perhaps the teams switched endings. Sure, the graphics were not so good but it had been five years back.

I just left the game as soon as cheap FIFA Mobile Coins the El Dorado event got declared, barely played, just wanted to check out this season, it's the identical shit appearantly... I did not play FIFA 15, started by 17, Imo 18 was the last great season of FIFA Mobile, I only had enough, superior luck to those who want to continue...

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