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"I'm going to welcome you to the exclusive"Madden 99 Club," my friend. It's all about time," said Rodgers, after directing Adams to start a box with Mut 21 coins his desk. "We joked for awhile about shirt 12 (recipient ) and then there's been a common thread about top two, not just two, but you're finally getting the as you deserve, my brother" Adams, who started the season with a 94 rating, has steadily climbed as"Madden 21" was upgraded. As far as secondary abilities, he has a 99 in grabbing, release and short-route running.

Despite missing two games earlier this season with a hamstring injury, the four-time Pro Bowl receiver could break several franchise records during this Sunday's regular-season finale at Chicago. He needs three catches and one receiving touchdown to accommodate Sterling Sharpe's group record in both categories.

Adams' box included a diamond-studded gold necklace using an'99' etched in Buy Madden 21 coins the center, which Rodgers used to make a subtle remark about Adams' Pro Football Hall of Fame potential.

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