Will the launch of Aion Classic be as popular as other classic games?

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NCSoft just launched Aion Classic not long ago. This game was released in South Korea in November last year, only on Western servers. Like other classic games, it will still attract the attention of some old players, not only them, but some interested new players are also eager to try and prepare to conquer this MMORPG.

This is the re-launch of the long-established MMORPG launched by NCSoft in 2009. Aion Classic is the beginning of the return adventure of Elyoss and Asmodian. Some people say that it is very similar to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft classic, and I am also very curious whether Aion Classic will be recognized by old players like WoW Classic. Although players may not have the same stunning graphics effects in Aion Classic, players will get some high fantasy legends and some unique flying combat systems. I think fighting in the air is one of the highlights of the game, isn’t it cool?

Now, players who still think of the fierce battle of Abyssal Aura or want to have Siels again can do so. Players playing Daeva will re-use this classic version of Aion and find that the time has returned to the original release date, and some improvements have been made in appearance and quality of life. You will be able to choose from one of the first four released professions (Warrior, Scout, Priest, and Mage) and use the power of ether. When you are ready, get ready to venture into the wild and carry out 50-level story missions at a more leisurely speed than the current version of Aion, take on long-forgotten dungeons, and participate in some very combative faction PvP in the abyss.

Aion Classic is free to play, but players will subscribe to something in the game. Aion Classic Kinah is very useful in the game. If the player becomes stronger in the game, it is an unavoidable money transaction. It's just that in order to prevent inflation in the game, the official has set an upper limit on the number of Kinah that can be obtained every day. Don't want to be trapped in the game, we recommend that you Buy Aion Classic Gold directly from a reliable third-party platform to free your hands.

Summer is now back to the Aion. In the actual game, it does not mean that it will have a big impact on the weather or anything, but it does bring more and more garden summer activities. Once again, the crop is ready to be harvested, and you must complete the harvest before the Tentakluds or Dukaki crooks arrive. During the event, players of level 76 and above must enter the garden through Ingisson or Gilkmaros once a day. There, they can harvest crops every 10 minutes, but they need to be vigilant and make sure that the bad guys don’t take them first.

Harvesting crops will receive player rewards in the form of experience crystals and have the opportunity to obtain a reward copy to enter the selection scroll. Defeating Tentakluds and Kukaki Swindlers will net the player an event coin and (possibly) a lucky star for Berdin. The event time is from July 14th to 28th. Even the classic Aion players can get a week of XP rewards. Between July 14th and July 21st, classic players will benefit from a 100% XP boost. The announcement does not say how this will affect free players and paying players, so you just have to wait until it starts to get ideas. MMOSO offers a secure Aion Classic Kinah For Sale to protect your account security. Real players can polish it online, so you can buy with confidence.